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Homeowner Concierge

Need a little help to find a local resource or manage a project?

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Local Expert

Our concierge is a true local expert with the deep local knowledge you need to find, recommend and manage essential resources for small daily tasks and  local home projects.



Don’t reinvent the wheel or start a project in the dark. It’s so much easier to work with someone who has done it before and knows how to avoid costly obstacles.



The best part is the price is right – totally free. Concierge services are provided as a community service and part of our “neighbors helping neighbors” mission.

Most Popular Services


The most common request we get is to help find a local resource that you need to fix a problem. An answer to a question or the contact details of a local contractor or government officer.


We keep track of local projects and ask locals to review contractors. Then we compile and share those reviews and are happy to recommend reliable and trusted local contractors and businesses.


Sometimes you need a little more help managing a project. We can help you plan the simple stuff and get you introduced to the right professionals.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Everything works so much better when neighbors help neighbors. If you have a problem there’s a good chance that one of your neighbors went through the same problem in the past and came up with a solution. That’s why we ask neighbors to share their experiences working with local contractors and businesses. We then share those reviews with everyone 

Recent Projects


Help with a Permit

Do I need a permit for a New Deck?



Need a new Lawn Service



Help with a home equity loan

Chicken Coop


Can I have a Chicken Coop?

Helping Homeowners Find Answers!

Here are some of the most common questions we get about the Concierge service.

Yes. It’s really free. It’s our pleasure to help. All we’re really doing is collecting and sharing information from your neighbors.  

We are not paid by any contractors and contractors can not buy their way onto any recommended list.

No – we can help you with just about anything. If you have a question we’ll try to find you the right answer. Do I need a permit for a new deck? Who cleans gutters? Can I rent my house on Airbnb? What interest rate should I pay on a home equity loan? All really important questions that need the right answer.

Share Your Favorite Resources and Local Tips

Tell us about a local contact, resource or tip that helped you solve a problem and will help your neighbors.