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The member area is where we keep everything you need to know about owning a home and living in Niwot. It’s part lifestyle, part real estate and all about being a homeowner. Get started by searching for your home and making sure the public data is correct.

Over 24 years experience and knowledge of living and owning a home in town.

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There are millions of websites out there that will help you buy or sell your home, but hardly any that will help you manage, maintain and improve your home and enjoy living in Niwot.

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Over 24 years experience and knowledge of living and owning a home in town.

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The website has a public and private area. The public area is for anyone. The private area is for local residents and friends of Niwot, who may not live here, but are active and interested in our community.

We decided that we needed to learn everything there was to know about living in Niwot. We get our information from speaking with local experts and residents who share their years of experience living in Niwot. If you have a problem , one of your neighbors has probably already gone through it and found a solution.

We launched the Property Portal with public data available from the Assessor Office. Over time we supplement that data with information from homeowners and local Realtors.

Yes, we have a list of local home service providers who have been hired and recommended by your neighbors.

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