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Frequently Asked

We know and understand the Niwot market better than anyone and have a list of off-market and pre-market investment homes not yet on the market. When you join the investor list we’ll get you ready and prepared to buy a home and introduce you to our pre-market sellers.

We have a local investment fund that syndicates local investment deals. The idea is to get local investors together to invest in a market they already know and are comfortable investing in another property. We target below market value homes, homes that need some fix-up or property where we can add or unlock value.

Just as we have a list of off-market and pre-market sellers, so too do we have a list of active investor buyers. We act as a matchmaker to connect willing and able buyers and sellers. 

Yes – we can help you prequalify and apply for an investment mortgage. We’ll work with your through the prep work of looking your best to a lender and then help you pick a trusted mortgage broker who has been recommended by other investors.