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Finance and Investment

Your home is an important piece of your overall financial and retirement plan. By default, when you bought your home you automatically became a real estate investor. Make sure you treat you home not just as a place to live but also as an important piece of your overall financial plan.

Talk with us about acquiring an investment property or participating with other investors in the Boulder County Fund.

Finance and Investment

Manage Your Home As An Investment

When you purchased your home you made a real estate investment. It’s an important piece of your overall financial plan and just a few simple strategies can make or save you thousands of dollars. 

Your home is also a powerful financial tool that you can use to build wealth, and manage debt.  We highly recommend that you speak with a financial planner who can help you create your own home plan.

Finance and Investment Insights


Why Should I Speak To A Financial Planner?

Most homeowners don’t utilize their home as a financial planning tool. A financial planner will help you incorporate your home into your overall financial plan and can show you a number of simple strategies designed to grow your equity and reduce your debt.

How About Home Equity?

You can use home equity to improve your home or consolidate more expensive debt. 

What's a Home Plan?

Every homeowner needs a home plan. A home plan is a review or “health check” to make sure you optimize the financial return on your home investment. It doesn’t need to be complicated as just one or two simple tweaks can make or save thousands of dollars.

Should I Buy an Investment Property?

The short answer is that everyone should buy an investment property – but it needs to be the right investment property. It can be a second or vacation home or a rental unit. Just make sure the timing is right for you.

What About Refinancing?

Refinancing can be a good or bad decision. It’s important that you  understand the true  cost of refinancing your mortgage or failing to refinance your mortgage. 

What's The First Step?

You need to reach out and give us a call. It’s our experience that very few homeowners have a home plan and we can help just about everyone with a couple of simple tweaks that are worth thousands of dollars.

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